On Catalan independence, Sunday’s referendum, and one person’s emotional experience of being here.

[PLEASE NOTE: This piece was written and published two days before the referendum.]

I’ve come a long way from willful ambivalence.

At this point, I honestly think the idea of an independent Catalonia has the potential to be something great. I’m disgusted with the Spanish government — I already knew…

A Practical Guide For Any Marketing Folks Thinking About Riding The Beast

I originally wrote this material as a guide for the Appszoom content team to get started with reddit.

I’m already a redditor in my spare time (read: all the time), so it’s blindingly obvious to me that there’s huge potential to meaningfully connect with tons of people, really quickly. This…

Janel Torkington

Conversion copywriter + creative strategist. Sassy futurist. Ukulele plucker. Ottolenghi acolyte.

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